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Helping Veterans Discover Their Unique


through the purpose-to-impact process



Helping veterans discover their unique life purpose

The over-riding question that bombards every veteran is; “WHAT are you going to do for your post-military career?”.  For most veterans, however, there are two questions that must be addressed before the WHAT question:

1)  WHO am I?

2)  WHY am I here?  

But in the pursuit of life-purpose, there is no drill sergeant or instructor to issue veterans a personal mission statement. When it comes to discovering WHO they are, WHY they are here, and the IMPACT they were designed to make, our government has not provided veterans with the necessary tools.  With your support, VET+MAP wants to   help every veteran answer these two critical questions and create a Purpose-to-impact plan for their life.

“VET+MAP definitely changed my life. It allowed me to find my new anchor after transitioning out.”

- Sarah T. '21

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