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Life Purpose:  Unleashing Human Potential
Top Talents:    Activator / Strategic / WOO / Self-Assurance / Ideation
Top Values:     Truth / People / Inspiration / Honor / Loyalty

Jason holds the endowed Assistant Programs Directorship for VET+MAP at the Don & Ellie Knauss Veteran Resource & Support Center at Texas A&M University. The Directorship was established by Albers Aerospace and its founder, Colonel John Albers  (USMC Retired) to help Aggie student veterans discover their talents, clarify their values, and discern their life-purpose.  Jason implemented the initial pilot of the P2i process at Albers Aerospace, which the company still utilizes to unleash each teammate's unique talent, inspire teammates & customers, deliver value, and promote the flourishing of each teammate's family.


Jason is also the founder of VET+MAP Corporation, a non-profit focussed on developing strengths-based talent-evaluation &  job-matching assistance programs to maximize transition success for veterans and the companies and industries that hire them.

Entrepreneurial Credentials

Jason received his engineering degree from Texas A&M and his MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies from SMU.  In 2010, Jason earned an Inc. 5,000 award for leading the growth-strategy for one of the fastest growing private companies in America.  In a 2016 Builder-Talent Assessment, Gallup’s Principal Scientist called the statistical probability of finding another individual in the world with Jason’s Disruptor Talent and balanced strength across the 10 Builder-Talents “so small as to be effectively zero.”

Areas of Expertise

Strengths-based talent management, (Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach), LEAN Startup, Business-Model Design, Go-to-Market Strategy Validation (Exploration/Discovery/Incubation/Acceleration), Value-Chain Analysis & Optimization, Innovation, Value Creation & Measurement Strategies, User-Centered Design, GTD, Miller-Heiman’s Strategic & Conceptual Methodologies, Sales & Marketing Executive Leadership.

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